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Reliable Condo Renovation & Remodeling Company in Toronto & GTA with 15+ Years of Experience – See Our Reviews

Welcome to BB Construction, your premier condo renovation and remodeling company. With over 15+ years of experience, we offer turnkey solutions that ensure a seamless renovation experience, supported by a 1 year warranty on labour. We’re committed to bringing the finest craftsmanship to every renovation project, with each project surpassing expectations by adhering to building codes and safety standards.

Whether you need to update your kitchen, bathroom, or condo a makeover, our creative team and licensed tradesmen can bring any design, any idea to life. Our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, quality control and project management makes BB Construction the trusted choice for all your remodeling needs.

We were pleased with the quality and speed of Nick and his team’s work on our condo renovation project.

Jack Sheng, Toronto

Their attention to detail was phenomenal.

Jason Mark, Toronto

Their selection of trades where fantastic and I am so happy with the outcome

Barbara Simonds, Toronto

Our Condo Renovation & Remodeling Services in Toronto & GTA

Condo improvements need not be a daunting task. We give 100% assurance of our quality of work. Our team has the skills, experience and industry-specific expertise to transform your condo into a vibrant living space hassle-free. Our passion and commitment to achieving the highest quality standards ensure excellence and complete customer satisfaction.

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Condo Contractors in Toronto & GTA

Condo Contractors in Toronto

Transform and renovate your condo into a vibrant space. At BB Construction, we prioritize professionalism, offering innovative designs, premium materials, and a lifetime warranty. As a one-stop condo renovation contractor in Toronto & GTA, we provide turnkey solutions and safety compliance, ensuring quality and satisfaction.

Renovate Your Condo

We’re experienced Toronto condo contractors ready to renovate your condo into a vibrant space. Trust us for hassle-free, skilled renovations that fit your budget and lifestyle. Choose BB Construction for quality and creativity, ensuring your dream condo becomes a reality.

Condo Living Room Remodel

Condo Renovation And Remodeling in Toronto & GTA

We Bring Your Vision to Life Within Your Budget!


Complete Condo Renovation

Transform your condo with top-of-the-line materials with a hassle-free experience! With 100% schedule guarantee, our avg. time for a complete condo renovation is 3 weeks!


Custom Homes

With a recognized standing as a forward-looking, modern custom home constructor, we owe our distinction to exceptional service, inventive concepts, and matchless artistry. Our dedicated crew for custom home construction endeavours to craft a magnum opus that your family will relish.


Commercial Renovations

Excerpt - Revamp your commercial space stress-free! Benefit from a 100% schedule guarantee and seize 30% OFF your initial renovation. Elevate your business environment with confidence, ensuring timely transformations and substantial cost savings.


Kitchen Renovation​s

We specialize in kitchen renovations and remodelling. We have brought numerous visions to life for kitchens in Toronto condos and cannot wait to transform yours!


Bathroom Renovations

We offer complete bathroom remodels and renovations. From tubs, showers and toilet repair, flooring (including heated floors and tiles), plumbing and electrical, cabinetry, vanities, countertops, and much more! Bonus - We offer FREE WATERPROOFING MATERIALS for Bathroom Renos.


Basement Renovations

By renovating your basement, you unlock a valuable additional living space for your family to enjoy. There are countless possibilities for utilizing a refurbished basement, we thoroughly inspect it before embarking on a new remodelling project, so that you get the most value out of your investment!

Our Renovation Projects

Our Happy Clients!

"I hired BB Construction Inc to renovate my two bathrooms. The sales team was extremely responsive and provided estimates well within our budget. Nick, our project manager, adhered to the schedule from the outset to ensure the job was completed on time. Finding a good renovation company that will make your project stress-free is difficult, but I'm glad one of my friends recommended BB Construction. I am pleased with their services and would gladly hire them again for future renovations."



"The service provide by the company was commendable. I didn't imagine that my basement could look like this. I recommended BBconstruction to others for their renovation needs."



"Hired BB Construction to manage and complete my basement apartment project. They not only completed the project on time Nick was amazing communicating with me through out the whole process. Their selection of trades where fantastic and I am so happy with the outcome that I will be using them again for my kitchen and main floor renovation in the new year. I highly recommend Nick and BB for anyone looking to manage and run their project."



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A home renovation is one of the largest and often most expensive projects many homeowners undertake after purchase. Whether you’re fixing up a dilapidated home, updating a space, or simply changing the style, there are...

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does it Take to Renovate a Condo in Toronto?

The duration for renovating a condo in Toronto can vary based on factors such as the extent of renovations, the size of the condo, and any potential permit delays. On average, a condo renovation in Toronto might take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, but at BB Construction, our thorough planning has allowed us to renovate a condo within 2 weeks on average.

How Much Does Condo Renovation Cost in Toronto?

Condo renovation costs in Toronto vary greatly, typically ranging from $100 to $300 per square foot. The final price depends on project complexity, size, materials, and design choices. Obtain personalized quotes from contractors for accurate estimates. Call us now to get a free estimate.

What is the Cost to Renovate 1000 sq ft Condo in Toronto

Renovating a 1000 sq ft condo in Toronto can cost anywhere from $100,000 to $300,000 or more, depending on the extent of renovations, materials, finishes, and other factors. Getting detailed quotes from contractors is crucial to estimate your specific project's cost accurately. At BB Construction, we have significantly reduced the total cost of condo renovation due to our locally sourced materials. You can call us now for your free estimate.

What are Condo Renovation Rules in Toronto?

When renovating your Toronto condo, carefully review condo regulations, secure permits for significant changes, follow construction hours and noise rules, consider approved contractors if needed, update insurance coverage, manage waste disposal as per guidelines, seek permissions for alterations in shared areas, inform utility providers about service disruptions, and ensure adherence to accessibility requirements. For guidance, consult both condo management and local regulations.

What are Most Popular Condo Renovation Ideas?

Popular condo renovation ideas encompass open concept layouts to create spaciousness, kitchen upgrades for enhanced functionality, bathroom remodeling with modern fixtures, flooring transformations using hardwood or tile, lighting enhancements for ambiance, smart home integration for convenience, and personalized touches through accent walls, artwork, and decor. Storage solutions, balcony upgrades, and energy-efficient improvements, such as upgraded windows and appliances, are sought-after options. Consulting professionals can help tailor these ideas to suit individual preferences and condo spaces.

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