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Most Trusted Condo Bathroom Renovation & Remodeling Company in Toronto & GTA with 20+ Years of Experience – See Our Reviews

We were pleased with the quality and speed of Nick and his team’s work on our condo renovation project.

Jack Sheng, Toronto

Their attention to detail was phenomenal.

Jason Mark, Toronto

Their selection of trades where fantastic and I am so happy with the outcome

Barbara Simonds, Toronto

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"I hired BB Construction Inc to renovate my two bathrooms. The sales team was extremely responsive and provided estimates well within our budget. Nick, our project manager, adhered to the schedule from the outset to ensure the job was completed on time. Finding a good renovation company that will make your project stress-free is difficult, but I'm glad one of my friends recommended BB Construction. I am pleased with their services and would gladly hire them again for future renovations."



"The service provide by the company was commendable. I didn't imagine that my basement could look like this. I recommended BBconstruction to others for their renovation needs."



"Hired BB Construction to manage and complete my basement apartment project. They not only completed the project on time Nick was amazing communicating with me through out the whole process. Their selection of trades where fantastic and I am so happy with the outcome that I will be using them again for my kitchen and main floor renovation in the new year. I highly recommend Nick and BB for anyone looking to manage and run their project."



Condo Bathroom Renovation & Remodeling in Toronto & GTA

With 20+ years of experience and being one of the leading condo bathroom renovation contractors in Toronto, we’re well aware of the potential stress of the territory. At BB Construction, we’ve fine-tuned a meticulous step-by-step approach to ease those concerns. You’ve got options here: we can kick things off with a virtual assessment or an in-person meeting to provide you with a precise estimate. Once we’ve got the numbers down, we’ll seamlessly transition into the creative phase – refining interior designs (for FREE) and curating materials that suit your taste and space. Our dedicated team of skilled design consultants, project managers, and experienced condo bathroom contractors are committed to ensuring a smooth and successful project journey for you.

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Our Condo Bathroom Renovation Services

Get a complete modern condo bathroom transformation with our streamlined services. Whether you need to transform your tub into an accessible shower or need plumbing upgrades, we’ve got you covered.

Our services include:

Complete Condo Bathroom Remodels.

Tub, Shower, and Toilet Repair, Upgrades and Installations.

Flooring – Includes Heated Tiles.

Plumbing and Electrical.

Cabinetry, Vanities, and Countertops.

Residential & Commercial.

Bathroom Renovation Service Toronto

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Condo Bathroom Renovation, Shower Installation, Plumbing, Complete Bathroom Remodeling Service in Toronto

What To Consider First When You Start Planning A Condo Bathroom Renovation in Toronto?

Planning a condo bathroom renovation in Toronto? Here’s what to focus on:

  1. Condo Approval: Get the green light from the condo board before starting any work.

  2. Budget: Set a realistic budget, including fees, materials, labour, and permits.

  3. Design and Layout: Optimize space, considering plumbing and electrical needs.

  4. Condo Rules: Follow condo regulations for working hours, noise, and waste disposal.

  5. Access and Hours: Coordinate with management for contractor access and work times.

  6. Plumbing and Electrical: Check if modifications are needed.

  7. Materials: Choose durable, condo-friendly finishes.

  8. Storage: Maximize storage with smart solutions.

  9. Lighting and Ventilation: Plan for sufficient lighting and airflow.

  10. Experienced Contractors: Hire professionals familiar with condo renovations.

  11. Timeline: Estimate project duration, accounting for potential delays.

  12. Noise Control: Minimize disruptions for neighbours.

  13. Safety: Ensure safety protocols are followed.

Considering these factors, your condo bathroom renovation can be a successful and hassle-free project.

Why Choose BB Construction for Your Toronto Condo Bathroom Renovation?

Planning a condo bathroom renovation in Toronto? Don’t let unreliable contractors and limited options overwhelm you. At BB Construction, we’ve taken care of all those concerns. With our streamlined process, high-quality material selection, and unparalleled professionalism, we provide a hassle-free experience and a wide range of design offerings, all within your budget!

Our team comprises dedicated specialists in various domains, including:

Our in-house design professionals.

Skilled, licensed, and insured contractors and tradespeople.

Comprehensive warranty program.

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Get Started on Your Bathroom Remodeling

When you need a contractor, you can trust BB Construction for your Toronto bathroom condo renovation. As experts in this field, we are proud to show this with our skilled and licensed team. We provide 100% fixed costs and a guarantee to complete your renovation on schedule. Our attention to detail and dedication is what makes us stand out from the rest. Discover why Toronto condo tenants trust us with their renovation projects. Contact us today to get started on your new bathroom!

Frequently Asked Questions

No need to worry, we are here to streamline everything. In our initial FREE consultation, we’ll cover all aspects of your condo bathroom renovation, ensuring you grasp the entire process thoroughly.

The cost to renovate a condo bathroom in Toronto varies widely based on factors like scope, size, materials, and condo regulations. Basic renovations might start at $8,000 to $12,000, while more extensive projects with high-end finishes could be $15,000 to $25,000 or more. Contact us to get a detailed free quote to plan your budget accurately.

Remodeling an old condo bathroom involves assessing its current state and setting clear renovation goals. After selecting a design style, materials, and fixtures, the process kicks off with demolition, removing outdated elements. Plumbing and electrical systems are updated as needed, followed by the installation of new fixtures, flooring, and tiles. The finishing touches include painting, adding trim, and incorporating accessories. Thorough inspections ensure everything complies with codes, and understanding proper maintenance ensures the longevity of the new design. With the project complete, you can now relish your revitalized condo bathroom space, enjoying both its improved aesthetics and functionality. Consulting professionals can contribute to a successful and efficient remodelling journey.

To renovate your small condo bathroom on a budget, prioritize high-impact changes like painting, updating fixtures, and reusing existing elements. Shop for sales, consider secondhand options and focus on cost-effective materials. Make minor plumbing and DIY updates, opt for energy-efficient fixtures, and explore affordable flooring alternatives. Refresh accessories, choose budget-friendly lighting, and plan meticulously to avoid unnecessary expenses. With strategic decisions and a mix of DIY and professional assistance, you can achieve a wallet-friendly bathroom transformation that doesn’t compromise on style or functionality.

Use waterproof membranes during the shower makeover process before tiling. Fortunately with BB Construction, our condo bathroom renovation services include waterproofing showers. Contact our team to get started with your bathroom renovation.

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