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"I hired BB Construction Inc to renovate my two bathrooms. The sales team was extremely responsive and provided estimates well within our budget. Nick, our project manager, adhered to the schedule from the outset to ensure the job was completed on time. Finding a good renovation company that will make your project stress-free is difficult, but I'm glad one of my friends recommended BB Construction. I am pleased with their services and would gladly hire them again for future renovations."



"The service provide by the company was commendable. I didn't imagine that my basement could look like this. I recommended BBconstruction to others for their renovation needs."



"Hired BB Construction to manage and complete my basement apartment project. They not only completed the project on time Nick was amazing communicating with me through out the whole process. Their selection of trades where fantastic and I am so happy with the outcome that I will be using them again for my kitchen and main floor renovation in the new year. I highly recommend Nick and BB for anyone looking to manage and run their project."



BB Construction is a fully licensed condo renovation company and your top choice for condo renovations in Toronto and the GTA. Our services are designed to give you a superior renovation experience and achieve your renovation goals. Rest assured you can get all your condo remodeling needs met under one roof supported by our 1 year warranty and flexible payment options.

Our Condo Renovation Services

The goal of every condo project we take on is to exceed your expectations. We are committed to excellence and work closely with you to achieve stunning results while remaining within your budget.

Toronto Condo Contractors

Full Condo Renovation

Older condos are packed with potential but sometimes need a full condo remodeling to optimize space. Get the best out of your condo by upgrading it to not only make it functional, but to create the condo of your dreams.

kitchen 2023

Condo Kitchen Renovations

It takes a special eye to look at a kitchen, see its potential, and execute a flawless condo kitchen renovation. We’re in the business of designing extraordinary kitchen spaces that are both functional and stylish.

bathroom renovation contractors

Condo Bathroom Renovations

Great bathrooms don’t just happen. They are planned and executed well. Breathing new life into old spaces is our specialty. We can update your bathroom, maximize space, and turn your bathroom into the functional space you have envisioned.


Condo Renovation Experts For You

Renovating a condo is a complex task that requires extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of condo renovation processes. That’s exactly what you’ll get with BB Construction.

As a seasoned condo remodeling team, we use best practices to achieve outstanding results. We work closely with you and maintain open dialogue from beginning to end.

Preparing for a Condo Renovation

A full condo renovation is a significant investment both financially and time-wise, so proper renovation planning is critical. Long before we begin construction work, we plan everything down to the last detail. From permit applications to establishing a construction schedule and arranging inspections, we’ve got everything covered.

  • Proposals and insurance

    The first step of the process involves the paperwork i.e. drafting a proposal and handling insurance matters. Since this is foundational work, we spend time laying out the details of the project to ensure that we are on the same page regarding your vision for the project.

  • Condo Board By-Laws

    Each condo association is different and abides by a set of bylaws that govern how condo renovations should be conducted. As experts in condo renovations, we have experience working with condo boards and ensuring that all work completed by our team falls within the guidelines established by the board.

  • Delivering Materials & Disposal

    We have an organized process of ensuring that materials for the condo remodeling are delivered safely and kept secure with minimal disruption to condo residents. We also ensure that demolished materials are disposed of safely and ethically.

  • Booking Elevators

    Bringing materials and equipment up to a condo unit can cause disruption for everyone trying to access or exit the building. That’s why we advise homeowners when to book elevators in advance to ensure we have a dedicated elevator to save time and avoid inconveniencing other residents.

Start Your Condo Renovation Today!

We want you to enjoy your home to the fullest. With BB Construction you can be certain that your condo renovation is in great hands. We exude excellence every step of the way and are your partner in achieving your dream home. All you need to do to get started is reach out to our condo renovation experts!

Why Choose BB Construction for Your Condo Renovation?

Say goodbye to the stress and frustration with our seamless condo renovation and remodel services. Creating your dream condo design is our commitment. Our design experts work closely with you to achieve your goals. 

Enjoy competitive pricing for a remarkable renovation within your budget!

Usual Condo Renovation Experience

✘ Frequent Uninvited Interruptions

✘ Quality Not Up to Standards

✘ Abrupt Costs

✘ No Accountability for Materials

✘ Low Quality Services

✘ Unverified Contractors

BB Construction Experience

We Work Within Your Budget

100% Fixed Costs. No Hidden or Abrupt charges

Free Experienced Design Support

Guaranteed Completion Within Schedule

Only High-Quality Materials Used With No Charge To You

Verified HomeStars Contractors

✔ Bonus – Free Waterproofing Material for Bathroom Renovations!

Verified & Reliable Condo Renovation Contractors in Toronto & GTA

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"BB Construction Inc. was a great pleasure to work with throughout our condo renovation project..." ​

Positives: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value​

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"I have selected BB construction due to two main reasons i.e. Cost effective approach & meeting deadline.."​

Positives: Price, Would Recommend to Others​

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"We had our kitchen renovated by Nick and his team at BB Construction. Their attention to detail was phenomenal..."​

Positives: Quality of Work, Timeliness, Cleanliness, Budget, Communication, Courteous​

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