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BB Construction is a fully licensed and insured basement remodeling company who offer basement renovations in Brampton. Our approach is to truly listen and understand the needs of our clients, and work alongside them to achieve outstanding results within their budget. With over 20+ years of in-field experience, we deliver high-quality materials using outstanding craftsmanship to successfully create a legal basement unit for you.

Basement Renovations in Brampton You Need

As of January 1st, 2024, Brampton City Hall launched its Residential Rental Licensing Pilot program, requiring Brampton property owners who reside in these five wards: 1, 3, 4, 5, and 7, must obtain a license to rent out four or less units. This was implemented in response to the large number of illegal basements in the city. Here at BB Construction, we adhere to all of Brampton’s zoning laws and make sure our basement renovations meet all the necessary criteria. Whilst a renovation project in ongoing, we offer the following solutions to help landlords:

  • Navigating local regulations

    We take our basement renovations very seriously and have an astute attention to detail while planning. We have extensive experience working in Brampton and understand the local regulations that we must abide by to operate safe and successful basement renovations.

  • Obtaining permits

    A permit is required to renovate a basement in Brampton, especially if we plan on making structural changes, alter electrical or plumbing systems, or creating an entirely new tenantable living space. We have a fast and easy permit process that gets us the approved paperwork in a timely manner.

  • Assess basement conditions for improvement

    Our basement contractors in Brampton will analyze your space to best identify what areas of your basement need to be upgraded or developed altogether. For example, if you are experiencing leaks, then waterproofing your basement walls will be a priority.

  • Final inspection and meeting compliance

    Our team will perform a complete walkthrough before leaving your home to ensure all our work is up to our standards of excellence and that your newly renovated basement has met all the necessary Brampton requirements.

Our Brampton Basement Renovation & Remodeling Services

We specialize in the following remodeling services and basement renovations in Brampton:

Typical budget Canadian single family house, renovated with some luxury elements in design partially furnished with kitchen, rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, appliances, finished basement, fireplace, laundry, backyard and patio

Legal Basement

We make sure to meet all legal basement Brampton requirements when it comes to your building codes, heating, ventilation, plumbing, electrical, fire safety, and exits. By meeting local Brampton zoning laws, we ensure your unit is safe and functional to use for yourself, or to rent out for guests.

Basement area reflecting old small tile style

Basement Walkout

This type of renovation requires creating a separate entrance. A walk-out basement adds square footage to a home, providing additional space for bathrooms, bedrooms, living areas, or even for an in-law suite. It makes this type of renovation extremely valuable for renters. As legal basement contractors in Brampton, we’ll be sure to create a basement walkout that appeals to all tenants.

Basement turned into large open concept usable for multiple activities

Basement Finishing

The whole basement area must be complete in a way that resembles the living areas upstairs in order for a basement to qualify as finished. We make sure to include an accessible entryway, frame the walls, level the ceiling, install an HVAC system, wire in an electrical system, and complete other services such as plumbing and flooring for basement finishing in Brampton.
New under construction home framing unfinished wood frame building of a basement residential

Our Brampton Basement Renovation Process

Basement renovations can be complex, costly, and time-consuming if not planned for appropriately. With our expert basement contractors in Brampton, you can assure professionalism is accounted for every step of the way. After your initial free consultation, we begin planning your layout and design.

Once we acquire materials, demolition and construction follow. We check for quality assurance before lastly cleaning up and completing a final walkthrough.

When undertaking a Brampton basement renovation project, we stay true to following our process:

✔ Initial Consultation
✔ Design Planning
✔ Construction & Demolition
✔ Quality Checks
✔ Completion

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With our contracting expertise spanning over two decades, streamlined processes, high-quality material selection, affordable prices, and unmatched professionalism, we provide an all-in-one legal basement renovation experience like no other Brampton renovation company can offer quite like us. Contact the BB Construction team today to learn how to create legal basements in Brampton and explore the endless possibilities of what your basement space can be.