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Condo Reno Rules: Know When to Transform Your Space

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Renovating a condo is a complex process that comes with multiple steps, especially in Toronto and the GTA. From properly disposing waste to building regulations, there are several condo renovation rules in Ontario to consider. In this blog, we’ve outlined all the rules and regulations to look out for and some of the ways to properly ensure a smooth renovation process.

How to Know Your Condo Board’s Regulations?

Before you begin your renovation, it’s essential to review your condo rules. To get approval from the board, you have to submit a proposal. Once they review and approve your proposal, you can start your reno project.

Key to remember: Inform your condo board early on so they can approve the renovation work and ensure that everything is up to code.

How Do Permit Requirements And Insurance Impact Condo Renovations?

A condo renovation permit may be required if you’re undergoing a large renovation project. While any cosmetic work can be completed without a permit. You may be required to get insurance or pay a deposit to your condo if any damages occur.

Key to remember: With a deposit, you may get your money back if there are no damages, but having insurance reduces your loss if damages take place.

How to Comply with Work Hours and Booking Amenities?

Every condo allows certain work hours for owners to complete renovations. Speak to your condo to identify the appropriate work hours. This also cust down on the disturbance you may cause for your neighbours. Be sure to book parking spaces and elevators for contractors and to transport materials to and from your condo.

Key to remember: Speak with your contractor to properly dispose renovation debris as most condos won’t allow debris in their dumpsters.


Material Transport and Disposal

It’s important to follow the transport and disposal rules according to your condo. Based on the condo renovation rules in Toronto, owners must properly transport and dispose construction materials. You may have to bring materials in through one entrance or elevator, and you’ll be asked to follow certain guidelines for safety and cleanliness.

Key to remember: Elevators and hallways must remain clean and free of damages. You may be fined if these guidelines are not followed.

Maximizing the Value of Your Renovation

Renovating your condo instantly improves the value of your property. Some of the best condo renovation projects include upgrading your kitchen, bathroom and adding new floors. Consider investments that will pay off in the future like new appliances and smart technology.

Key to remember: Aim to keep one bathtub in your home. This is a major selling feature if you sell your home in the future.

Choosing the Right Contractors for Condo Projects

A key component of your condo renovation project is working with the right contractor. Choose a contractor like BB Construction that brings experience and fine craftsmanship to the table. They’re the top choice for premier condo renovation and remodeling in Toronto and the GTA.

Next Steps to Renovating Your Condo

By following the steps above and adhering to the condo rules, you can ensure a successful renovation project. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the condo board’s regulations, understand permit and insurance requirements as well as following the condo’s regulations for work hours. If you still need help to plan your condo renovation, contact BB Construction today!